Cable Ties

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Cable Tie Specifications

LengthTensile StrengthMin. Case Quantities
4″18 lbs400 Packs
4″18 lbs40 Packs
5.5″18 lbs30 Packs
5.5″40 lbs24 Packs
8″18 lbs24 Packs
8″40 lbs17 Packs
8″50 lbs100 Packs
8″50 lbs10 Packs
8″120 lbs60 Packs
9″250 lbs20 Packs
11″50 lbs80 Packs
11″50 lbs12 Packs
11″50 lbs8 Packs
11″120 lbs45 Packs
14″50 lbs60 Packs
14″50 lbs6 Packs
14″120 lbs35 Packs
15″250 lbs15 Packs
18″120 lbs28 Packs
18″175 lbs15 Packs
19″250 lbs10 Packs
22″250 lbs10 Packs
24″175 lbs10 Packs
28″175 lbs10 Packs
32″175 lbs10 Packs
36″50 lbs10 Packs
36″175 lbs10 Packs
40″250 lbs20 Packs
48″175 lbs10 Packs
60″175 lbs10 Packs